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 Wednesday, December 17, 2014  
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                                      FORT GARRY ALL STAR GAME PARTICIPANTS ANNOUNCED:

The representatives from each team have been selected for the 1st Annual Fort Garry Basketball League All –Star Game. The games will take place on Friday, December 19th at 6:30 at the Duckworth Centre. Following the games, the all-stars are all invited to Garbonzo’s (in the UW AnX ) for a pizza buffet and ONE free beverage.  All stars must RSVP Sheldon Appelle – League Commissioner by noon on Thursday, December 18th by phone (204) 786-9823 or by email

Divisions – 2, 3, 5, 6 – Centre Court
Divisions – 7, 8, 9, 10 – East Court
Divisions – 11, 12, 13, 14 – West Court


Here are are the All-Stars: (All selections are final)

Division 2
– Xavier Smith (All- Buckets), Will Bergmann (Slip N Slide), C.Byrnes (Shaka Dula), Dustin Robson-Flatt (Bullets), Matthew Koening (Rejects), Matt Jonsson (Wet Bandits), Ketan Bansal (Cookies N Kareem), Lucas (Spartans), Shawn Cross (Fundamentals), Jonathan Janzen (B4L)

Division 3 – Graham Bodnar (MOBB), Jared Boville (Team Nature), Matt (Fort Garry), Marco Valera (Legacy), Adrian Kibsey (Blazers), Caelin reid (Cock and Bulls), Oliver Leslie (Sall and the Rippers), Andrew Welch (Ordnry), Matt Evans (Fighting Mongooses)

Division 5 – Ted Weinrath (Soft in the Paint), Kris Gosek (Fox All-Stars), Hayden Glor (Big Ducks), Dave Nykolik (Rimlickers), Vince (The Big O), Dharmpal Brar (MapeTown), Cole Skinner (Alaskan Fire Dragons), Nader Naseri (Deen Up Originals), Dustin Lavallee (Beavers)

Division 6 Sean Close (Fusion Gaming), Oliver Yambao (Sweathogs), Ryan Griffiths (Young Gunz), Bosko Zorcic (Last Minute Randoms), Josh Neufeld (Agency), Rod Smith (Pounders), Aaron Allerie (0 and 76ers), Ronald Halalay (Undrafted), Zachary Derksen (Untouchaballs),Marvin DeCastro (Answer)


Division 7
–Tyler Stewart (Scrubs), D. Lariviere (Chandler Parsons), Adam Downing (Birdman), Chris B. (NWO), Andrew Town (Kush Buckets), Derrick Cheshire (Abusement Park), Kevin Gooch (Nar Heels), Nick Reid (Dimes), Manu Jabbar (Charter), Jason Yee (New World Order), Jeff Dela Rosa (No Picks and Rolls)

Division 8 – Abdul K (Swerve N Neglect), Shane Vandervegte (So Sweet), Justin (Who’s The Boss), Mike Schween (Remax), Griffin Bernstein (Raiders), Herby Cadet (Full Court Killaz), Tanner Smith (The Blues), Robyn Selby (Royals)

Division 9 - Prince Cayetano (Junior G’s), Joseph O (Boxfresh), Suni Valera (Supafly), TJ Johnson (Foul Mood), Hiatt Abenschnen (Team Riverhood), Devin Antymniuk (Goats)

Division 10 – Mark Capucon ()Team Blackout), Ronel Banilbo (Waffles), Sean Rudolph (My D Just Rose), Steven Tran (Lincoln), Ronelle Landicho (Access Winnipeg), TJ Monkman (Hoop Squad), Richard Longstreet (Les Rouges), Ricky (Pippen Aint Easy), Scott Brewer (Swingers), Grayson Sewell (Brick Squad), Brent Schmidt (Blouses), Ross Lumbagas (Gravity Bound), Vince Fabro (Creative Kulture), Manik Sharma (Slammin Singhs)




Division 11 – Brett Finch (Ball Hawgs), Steven Williamson (Tinder Gang), Martin (Ice Cream ), Steve Modrzejewski (Flint Tropics), Kris Santamaria (Daggers), Josh Breeze (Thunder)

Division 12 – Drew Dobinsky (The Squad), Glenn Worcester (WBC United), Emmedson Miranda (Wolfpack), Darin Soung (Game of Zones), Dele Opaleke (BCA), Mike Trunzo (Rollouts), Nico Villanaueva (Blaylocks), Christian Torres (ANBU)

Division 13 – Kirk Miller (AMG), Moe Inshadabi (4-14-50 Club), Michael Nagy (FAM), J. Shelby (Red River Blues), Jake Canuto (Uncanny X-Men), Marty Bedard (National Leasing), Noel Amador (Defence Optional), Clint MacKinnon (Squad), Quinn Thacker (Lasalle Lakers), Mike Nelson (Doggs), Phil Kwan (Sex Muscle)

Division 14 – Jamie Moses (IG’s Wolves), Justin Desautels (Suit Up), Dan Shynkaryk (Giants), Pete Lennington (Old School), Sajid Khan (Stepdads)



Schedules: First half schedules are now completed. The final date of first half play is Monday, December 22nd.

Second Half: Will begin on Monday, January 5th, 2015


Sheldon Appelle
Fort Garry Brewing Company Super Men's Basketball League Commissioner
(204) 786-9823 (Office)
(204) 783-7866 (Fax)





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